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Just a little shout out to my small community

North Albany is a small village in Oregon located between the cities of Albany and Corvallis, located in Benton county. The community consist of an estimated population of 7286 as of 2007.

About North Albany

North Albany started out as an area that housed the railroad trestle for the Corvallis Eastern Railroad which traversed the Willamette river between what is now Benton county on one side and Linn county on the other, Linn county should be noted as the home of greater Albany and the county seat. William Peacock is identified as the one of the first settlers of North Albany when he purchased a 20 acre farm in 1883, his family went on to build an Italianate style Farmhouse which still stands today and is affectionately refereed to as the Peacock House. At the same time the Peacocks were constructing their farm, work began on the first steel bridge for pedestrians and autos that connected greater Albany on one side of the river and what is now North Albany on the other side. Eventually this bridge was replaced in 1925 with the one showed below, the Ellsworth bride. 

Part of North Albany was first taken over by the City of Albany in 1961 through annexation. In 1981 Albany adopted a new Urban Growth Boundary. An Oregon Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) consists of specific geographic location that cities are allowed to build on in their jurisdiction, geographic areas outside these boundaries are not allowed to be developed and are generally used for farming purposes only. Complete annexation of the rest of North Albany occurred in 1991 by an Albany voter approved initiative and North Albany is now known as “North Albany a District of Albany”.

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This site is dedicated to our small community here in Oregon for which I am a resident. Thanks for learning a little more about North Albany.

Steven D. Reynolds