An Introduction to Our Community

North Albany is a small village, located across the Willamette river from greater Albany in Benton county, it is also located down the road from Corvallis (Go Beavs!!!). Known as North Albany District of Albany, we are governed by the city of Albany from “across the bridge” and by our county Benton, which has its seat located in Corvallis on “our side of the bridge”.

The village consists of around 8000 residents.  Our housing costs are approximately 20% higher than that of greater Albany (Linn County). Our schools are under the Greater Albany Public Schools (GAPS) and are ranked some of the top in Oregon. Our crime rate is extremely low and our income is higher than the median income of Oregon, $87,904 as of 2016 compared to Oregon, $57,532.

We have some wonderful restaurants in our village including a new food cart option and one of the top rated pizza sports bars around. We feature an IGA grocer that includes an ACE hardware store and a beautiful winery just up the hill.

Some facts about our relationship with Albany. We are right across the bridge from Downtown Albany which is going through a major revitalization program. The “new” Downtown includes many new restaurants, small boutique shops, and of course the new Albany Carousel.

About this Site 

North Albany sometimes gets a bit overlooked because we are not in greater Albany or Corvallis and are in fact a smaller community in comparison, also in the past we have not had much of an online presence. We make up approximately 1/5 of the population of the voters in Albany, so we kind of have to accept whatever greater Albany chooses as far as governing unless we can convince them otherwise. We do have a North Albany Association which meets quarterly and discusses issues directly related to our community.

I created this site as a resident of this community and any content and opinions are my own unless otherwise noted. If there are any comments or interest in adding additional content, please let me know.

Steve Reynolds – Reynolds Properties LLC


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